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Student Evaluation Task Force Resource Site: Home


Chairs: Elaine Blakemore (PSY & COAS)

            Yvonne Zubovic (MATH)


Committee Members

Hardin Aasand, ENGL, COAS representative, 

Tiff Adkins, LIBR representative

Sheena Choi, EDUC, CEPP representative

Cigdem Gurgur, MMK, DSB representative

Rebecca Jensen, NURS, HHS representative

Dina Mansour-Cole, OLS, ETCS representative

Joyanne Outland, MUS, VPA representative

Carol Sternberger, OAA representative

Goals and Questions

The overall goal for the task force is to study and make recommendations for the campus' use of student evaluations and student evaluation data. Such questions will encompass such things as those below. We may generate more questions in early meetings.


1.   Should there be a campus wide system for student evaluations?


2.   Should there be a small set of common items that everyone must use (with considerable flexibility to add additional course or department items)? In p&t, the wide variation across campus makes it challenging for committees.


3.   How should online course evaluations be handled?


4.   Should we adopt one of the national systems such as PICES

 or the Kansas idea system?

5.   With the aging scanner and inability of Windows 7 to work with the software, should the campus adopt an entirely new physical platform?

6.   Should we develop policy about how student evaluations ought to be used in p&t and reappointment?

7.   How should student evaluations be administered? (what day, who present, etc.)

8.   Who has access to student evaluation data? Do they go to the chair, or are they the property of the faculty member? Should there be a campus policy, or leave to departments?