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Librarian-Faculty Information Literacy Partnership : Home

Librarian-Faculty Information Literacy Partnership

Mutual Aims for Information Literacy

How would you like your students to:

  • Become critical thinkers?
  • Develop more efficient information-seeking and retrieval habits?
  • Evaluate information systematically?
  • Graduate as enthusiastic, life-long learners?

It's possible! Working together, we can develop strategies to enhance your students' success as skilled information foragers.

The Information Services and Instruction librarians at Helmke Library have prepared the way for an exciting information literacy initiative at IPFW. We have created a variety of tools to help you as a faculty member design effective library assignments that promote students' critical-thinking and information seeking skills. Library Basics is a teaching-learning component of Helmke Library's Web site that introduces the people, resources, and skills to help your students find and evaluate information that's right for their needs.

Get together with your liaison librarian and discover how collaborating with a librarian can help your students increase their information literacy proficiency.

Two-tiered Approach to Information Literacy and Library Instruction

We teach library skills and information literacy at Helmke Library through a two-tiered approach. First, there is our train-the-trainer instruction program aimed at the faculty who teach beginning students. Second, we offer an in-class instruction program aimed at the students taking advanced classes. Choose which level works best for your situation.

Train-the-trainer Instruction Program for Faculty Teaching Beginning Students

We are happy to present a train-the-trainer instruction program designed to equip instructors with the tools they need to integrate information literacy into their courses.

If you would like to present your own instruction session in the library's classroom-computer lab (LB440A), schedule the EITC by calling 260-481-6514 or send an e-mail to Amy Harrison.

In-class Instruction Program Policies and Procedures

Our coordinated program of in-class library instruction is designed to meet the information needs of students in upper-level courses. One or more in-class sessions should be scheduled when your students need to learn to use specific library resources to complete a research assignment. The best time is when students have received their assignment and are ready to begin research.

Please note that, as a course instructor, your attendance during the library instruction session is obligatory. Your presence and active participation during the instruction will reinforce key concepts, authors, and sources, and will convey to students the message that information literacy skills will help them succeed in your course.

Enlist a librarian as your instructional partner early on, at least two or more weeks before the session is needed. Advance notice will give us time to prepare a course guide and other materials for your class. A choice of several possible dates will also help us to anticipate demands on library staff, services, and information systems.

We also offer a self-guided Helmke Library Tour as a means for students to get acquainted with the library. When the goal is to provide a general orientation to the library rather than develop specific research skills, this self-paced approach is highly effective.

Our Library Instruction Session Checklist will help in planning a successful library instruction session.

Handy Teaching Tools to Support our Partnership

Following is a short list of some of the tools that we have created through this initiative. To see how these tools might work for your course, visit our Information Literacy Tool Kits where we have matched a comprehensive set of teaching and assessment tools with five specific Information Literacy Standards.

  • Creating Effective Library Assignments offers points to consider when designing your library assignment.
  • The Library's classroom-computer lab describes how to schedule the lab for your own library-instruction session.
  • Helmke Library Tour & Quiz offers a enjoyable, self-paced orientation to the library's collections, services, and facilities (and completion of our 15-item quiz with a passing grade earns students a Library User Certificate with their name on it).
  • Doing Library Research offers students expert guidance on getting started and developing a systematic search strategy.
  • Foraging for Information Worksheet is a handy tool to introduce search logic, Boolean operators, truncation symbols, and other tips that students can use to develop and document effective search strategies.
  • Is Your Journal Scholarly? delineates criteria that will help students distinguish among popular, trade, and scholarly journals.
  • Is Your Web Site Credible? outlines additional criteria to apply in judging a Web site's quality.
  • Searching IUCAT Tutorial teaches the basics of searching IPFW's library catalog (and offers a quiz at the beginning and end to test students' knowledge).
  • Finding Articles Tutorial is an engaging way to teach the basics of finding articles in IPFW's multidisciplinary database, Academic Search Premier (and includes a quiz at the beginning and end to test students' knowledge).
  • Course Guides are designed to assemble the important library resources to help students complete a class writing or research assignment, and reinforce basic information literacy skills in targeted core and required courses.
  • Articles, Journals, and Databases describes the content of and provides access to IPFW's licensed database resources and major reference works in a range of subjects and disciplinary fields of study.

Created by: Information Services & Instruction
Date created: 2002-10-12
Date revised: 2012-08-23, 2008-02-09, 2003-07-15, 2012-08-10