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Master Teacher Work Groups: Work Groups Home


Monday Work Group:

Facilitator: Karol Dehr

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm
in RC 235:
January 28,
February 25,
April 8.

Tuesday Work Group:

Facilitator: Tiff Adkins

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm
in LB 275:
January 29,
February 26, Rescheduled for March 5 at noon.  New Room too, LB 419.
April 9.

Wednesday Work Group:

Facilitator: Debrah Huffman

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm
in RC 235:
January 30,
February 27,
April 10.

Thursday Work Group I:

Facilitator: Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm
in LB 275:
January 31,
February 28,
April 11.

Thursday Work Group II:

Facilitator: Jane Leatherman

1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
in RC 235:
January 31,
February 28,
April 11.



One Modification, One Measure: Master Teacher Work Groups

Using Keeley, Christopher, and Buskist's "Emerging Evidence for Excellent Teaching Across Borders 1" book chapter as a starting point, each work group participant will identify one change to make in his or her teaching. Working collaboratively in facilitated work groups participants will develop their ideas, methods for evaluating the outcomes of their modifications, and share the results. Work groups will meet three times (see Meetings to the left of this column). 


1Keeley, J., Christopher, A., & Buskist, W. (2012). Emerging evidence for excellent teaching across borders. In J. Groccia, M. Alsudairi, and W. Buskist (Eds.), Handbook of College and University Teaching: A Global Perspective (chapter 24). Retrieved from


Additional Reading

 You will also want to read William Buskist's and Jared Keeley's book chapter, "Becoming an Excellent Teacher".

Session Outlines

January Sessions

Participants will be emailed the Buskist article two weeks prior to the January sessions, and should read the article prior to attending. Participants should choose no more than 2 practices/behaviors that they would like to act on and assess in their classrooms. Discussion will focus on the chosen practices/behaviors and how participants might set about to make changes in their teaching. Participants will be provided with resources relevant to measuring the outcomes of the changes.

February Sessions

The overall goal of the February sessions is to help participants advance toward their goals. Participants will have chosen assessment methods. They will share their progress so far and will help troubleshoot. Facilitators will collect the topics, strategies, questions that participants are working on for posting, anonymously, on the library guide.

April Sessions

At this session participants will share the results of the change that they tried. Ideas for pursuing further study of the outcomes of changes in teaching, and for using and sharing what was learned will be discussed.


Tiff Adkins

Information Services and Instruction librarian



Karol Dehr

Karol Dehr

Continuing Lecturer in English and Linguistics



Image of Debrah Huffman.

Debrah Huffman

Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics



Image of Jane Leatherman

Jane Leatherman

Associate Professor of Special Education

(260) 481-5742


Image of Sara Webb-Sunderhaus.

Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

Assistant Professor of English & Linguistics

(260) 481-0153