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IPFW Faculty Writing Circle: Welcome to the Circle!

About This Guide

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This site has been created by members of the IPFW Faculty Writing Circle to provide a repository of materials that serve as a resource on writing, not just for the members of our circle, but for all the IPFW faculty. We invite your review and suggestions.


Please send comments to Ludy Goodson ( or Shannon Johnson (

Recommended Reading

Mission, Protocols, and Resources

Our "Writing Circle Mission and Protocols" are listed below with other files on the writing process.

Shannon Johnson's video provides literature search tips on using the IPFW databases.

Writing Circle Basic Library Search (Video, 28 minutes, 44 seconds)



Writing Sessions at IPFW Campus

Summer: Friday mornings 8:15 to 10:45 AM, Library Room 440A.
Contact about joining our circle.  Members include:
Martha Coussement     Ludy Goodson        Shannon Johnson         
Michelle Kearl             Sarah LeBlanc         Irwin Mallin             
Deb Poling                 Pam Reese             Sherrie Steiner        
Kate White

Writing Together